Sandi Jaspers – Sisseton Area Arts Council
Jane Rasmussen – Sisseton Area Arts Council
Inkpa Mani – Artist
Nicholas Blaske – Executive Director Sisseton Area Chamber of Commerce, Artist


In 2020-2021, the community of Sisseton embarked on a number of exciting public art projects. Starting with sculpture installations in two new roundabouts on the highway, the Sisseton Area Arts Council collaborated with the city, artists, SD Department of Transportation, and many more. After this success, another ambitious project was taken on, featuring a redesigned walking greenway with multiple public art sculptures, including work by local and Native Nations artists. In this panel discussion, join artists from the projects, members of the Sisseton Area Arts Council, and other local leaders to learn more about how the community came together and how they learned on the job about everything from working with the city and state to concrete footings for large installation pieces, artist relationships, and more. We will also have an inside look at Inkpa’s new community sculpture project currently in progress.