2023 South Dakota Arts Journal

PRICE: $9.95

Our inaugural South Dakota Arts Journal is a celebration of South Dakota’s creative culture. It includes features on sculptor Dale Lamphere, the legacy of Yanktonai painter Oscar Howe and a renewed interest in our first poet laureate Badger Clark. Plus, you’ll find poetry and other stories that demonstrate why our arts are unique and important to South Dakota and the wider world. The South Dakota Arts Journal is a collaboration between South Dakota Magazine, the South Dakota Arts Council and Arts South Dakota.

The Arts Journal is available to purchase at a variety of newsstands. This will be updated as more are confirmed.
Purchase online: https://www.southdakotamagazine.com/2023-south-dakota-arts-journal

Arts Alive | Fall 2022 | Member Edition

On the cover: Michelle Reed performs as a dancer with the band Brulé and travels the world presenting cultural art programs. She visited several of the murals created during the RedCan Graffiti Jam in Eagle Butte, a destination in South Dakota’s new State of Create Passport Program.

Arts Alive | May/June 2023 | South Dakota Magazine

Inside South Dakota Magazine Arts Alive section: Stories Of How One Small South Dakota City Came Together Through Collaborative Art To Rebound From The Isolation Of The Pandemic.

A joint publication from Arts South Dakota and the South Dakota Arts Council in partnership with South Dakota Magazine. To receive Arts Alive in your mailbox, consider donating to Arts South Dakota and become a powerful member of our creative community.