Panorama of South Dakota

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Panorama of South Dakota

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This set of video works, shot and produced by Dalton Coffey, brings together many of the unique elements of the state’s creative scene.

“Great art is made by artists, but discovered by everyone else,” Coffey said. “Everybody has a channel to get to art. I get to use all forms of creative media — music, words, images — and the final product can evolve at every step in the process.”

The lyrical quality of the video productions, capturing a wide range of styles and voices from the South Dakota arts community, may arise from the unique time we’re all living in, Coffey said.

“I want to carbon­ date the art from this period,” he said. “We can timestamp the work artists are making right now, so that it speaks to us later of a very different time.”

– Read the full article on page 12 of the Summer 2020 Arts Alive

SDPB Documentaries is a local public television program presented by SDPB. The show brings together many unique elements of the state’s creative scene. The story of the hoop dance as performed by Starr Chief Eagle, traditional music performed by Bryan Akipa on the red cedar flute, and a mural on the Faulkton grain elevator are featured.

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