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Established in 1966 and funded by the State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts, the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC) is a state agency serving South Dakotans and their communities through the arts. Recognizing the importance of creativity in the lives of all South Dakotans, the Council makes quality arts accessible throughout the state by providing grants, services and information to artists, arts organizations, schools and the public. The Council is the advisory board to the SDAC staff within the Department of Tourism. Council members are appointed by the Governor.


The arts profoundly impact all South Dakotans! There’s an arts advocate in everyone who understands the importance of cultural connections and power of creativity in transforming our society. The first thing to know about advocating for the arts is that the place to start is right in your own neighborhood. We hope this interactive map will provide timely and significant information related to the arts in your county and across South Dakota.

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Advocacy and Awareness

Arts South Dakota and the South Dakota Arts Council continue to co- sponsor a public awareness campaign emphasizing the value of the arts to individuals, communities and our state. The Executive Director of Arts South Dakota is a registered lobbyist with the Secretary of State and informs Legislators and Executive branch officials on arts issues.

In partnership with South Dakota Magazine & the South Dakota Arts Council, organizational members and individual donors of Arts South Dakota are kept informed of opportunities and issues through our magazine, ARTS ALIVE, which includes information on artists, local arts organizations, and the South Dakota Arts Council. Members also receive weekly updates and alerts on education, advocacy issues, events and programs through our weekly arts events emails sent every Monday afternoon.

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Travel SD: From prehistoric dinosaurs, to the Native Americans that first called this land home, through the settlers that came from across the globe to make a better life, South Dakota is extraordinarily rich in history and culture. See the 60-foot-tall faces on Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Behold the world’s largest in-progress mountain carving at Crazy Horse Memorial. Follow the trail of Lewis & Clark, find museums of every size and focus, and experience the Wild West of legends.

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This directory is updated as information is provided by the participating organizations.

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Education is not complete without the arts. Arts South Dakota believes all children in our state should have the opportunity to experience and participate in art forms that enhance life-long learning by expanding curiosity, creativity, team-building skills and self-worth. Partnering with the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC), we work to raise the standards and extend the reach of arts in education through schools and organizations across our state by offering programming such as Arts Education Institute, ArtsCorr, POETRY Out loud, and general advocacy and awareness.

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The many vibrant Community Arts Councils across South Dakota are a critical network supporting the arts in every corner of the state. Below, you will find a number of resources, updates, and events specifically for the Community Arts Councils. Please feel free to contact Community Development Director Andrew Reinartz with any questions or thoughts.

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Arts South Dakota provides an ongoing series of learning and professional development webinars for both artists and arts organizations. Now, more than ever, coming together to learn from the vast shared knowledge within our state’s creative communities is vital to supporting the arts.

Arts Alive

Arts Alive is a collaborative publication of Arts South Dakota and the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC). SDAC receives funding through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and from the State of South Dakota through a portion of the tourism promotion tax. The South Dakota Arts Council is a state agency within the Department of Tourism.

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Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 is Americans for the Arts’ fifth study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry’s impact on the economy. It documents the economic contributions of the arts in 341 diverse communities and regions across the country, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Art affects us all.

Arts SD informs Legislators, Executive branch officials and the South Dakota Congressional delegation on arts issues.

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Education is not complete without the arts.

Arts SD believes all children in our state have the opportunity to experience and participate in art.

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