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Morning Has Broken” by Doris Symens Armstrong

Arts South Dakota provides vital support to our state’s arts sector through communication initiatives, programming, and unified advocacy.


Arts South Dakota, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, enriches the lives of South Dakotans and their visitors, by advancing the arts through service, education and advocacy.


South Dakota, as a state and a people, encourages the development of artistic talent and appreciation in all individuals and values the worth of creative expression to the quality of life of all who live in and visit the State and to the economic, social and educational growth of its communities.

South Dakotans have opportunities to participate in the arts in their own communities and to experience the work of professional artists in their communities or regions.

All South Dakota children have the opportunity to experience and participate in art forms that enhance life-long learning by expanding curiosity, creativity, team-building skills and self- worth.


Arts South Dakota acknowledges that we as a people, both collectively and individually, celebrate, worship and mourn through the arts. Artistic expression is basic to human nature, needs to be encouraged, acknowledged and supported in order to provide the creative stimulus needed in our communities and our state.

Arts South Dakota acknowledges that all people of all cultures and ethnicities have art forms to be honored, enjoyed, and preserved.

Arts South Dakota recognizes that artists, professional and amateur, add value to communities by their creative problem-solving skills, and innovative perspectives and that the intrinsic nature of the arts brings people together for reasons of joy, laughter, sorrow and comfort.

It is to further this vision and these affirmations that Arts South Dakota supports, advocates and educates for arts activity which enriches the lives of all South Dakotans and their visitors.



Arts South Dakota is a catalyst for creative and artistic expression in communities and schools throughout South Dakota. ASD (Arts South Dakota) encourages and supports the development of all artistic talent in South Dakota and understands the value it brings to the quality of life along with the economic, social and educational growth it brings to the communities.

ASD was built on supporting and promoting Education, Service and Advocacy within the arts throughout the state. The three areas of focus, all being equal and supporting each other, were key in the conceptual development of the Arts South Dakota logo. The triangle, a three-sided polygon, was chosen to communicate the mission and vision of ASD.

The triangle, with three equal sides working together to support each other, represents the foundation of ASD.

Keeping with the strength of three, the main logo includes three triangles, varied in size and color. Each representing the areas of focus and combined graphically to represent the geography of South Dakota.

The interlocking triangles show the power of three but each can also stand alone to show their uniqueness and independence.

The colors communicate strength with an earthly feel reflecting the Native American culture and project a pleasing harmony among all.

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Jim Speirs
Executive Director
(605) 252 5979 ext 0

Shari Kosel
Program & Communications Director
(605) 252 5979 ext 1

Andrew Reinartz
Community Development Director
(605) 252 5979 ext 2

Sarah Larson
Communications Coordinator
(605) 252 5979 ext 3

Board of Directors 

Stacy Braun, Chair, Aberdeen
Katie Hunhoff, Vice-Chair, Yankton
Dr. Craig Howe, Secretary, Martin
Brian Hildebrant, Treasurer, Brookings
Dale Lamphere, Past-Chair, Sturgis
Katrina Lehr-McKinney, Sioux Falls
Sen. Troy Heinert, Mission
Dr. Alan LaFave, Valley City, ND
Shelley Stingley, Sioux Falls
Scyller J. Borglum, Rapid City
Kenny Putnam, Rapid City
Julie Garreau, Eagle Butte & Rapid City
Lynn Verschoor, Brookings
Jim Mathis, Sioux Falls
Lance Bertram, Pierre
Kris Wollman, Pierre

PO BOX 2496
605 252 5979


You create. You volunteer. You attend. You support. You are the reason the arts happen in our communities. We are your Advocacy and Service organization. It’s your gift that makes it all possible.

Please consider joining as an individual donor or an organizational member of Arts South Dakota. We ask for your support at any level. You will make a difference and a stronger collective voice for the Arts in South Dakota! Arts South Dakota is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Donations are tax-deductible.


Member Organizations

  • $150 for organizations with annual budgets of less than $50,000.00
  • $225 for organizations with annual budgets between $50,000 – 100,000
  • $350 for organizations with annual budgets between $100,000 – $500,000
  • $500 for organizations with annual budgets over $500,000

Individual Donors

  • 0-$99
  • $100-$249
  • $250-$499
  • $500-$749
  • $750-$999
  • $1000-$1249

Artwork on this website shown courtesy of the South Dakota Arts Council Art for State Buildings Program.