Arts South Dakota sincerely thanks the amazing individuals who join in our mission of advocacy, service, and education for the state’s many creative communities. The combined power of their voices advocates for and develops our state’s arts ecosystem, and we could not do this work effectively without doing it together. Make sure your voice is heard–add your name to this list by donating today!


$0 to $99

Maria Arana, Phoenix, AZ **
Doris Symens Armstrong, Watertown
Helen Arnold
Amanda Bachmann, Pierre
Phil and Jill Baker, Sioux Falls
Linda Balfany, Yankton
Nancy Anne Barker, Hot Springs
Rich Barnett, Sioux Falls
Linda J. Bartholomew, Faulkton
Jana Bastian, Belle Fourche
Anne Beckwith, Fort Pierre
Don and Janet Beeman, Vermillion
Chuck Bennis
Marsha Bertsch, Yankton
Melanie and Norman Bliss, Sioux Falls
Margaret Blomberg, Sioux Falls
Sally Blomster, Wetonka
Dave and Linda Bonde, Fort Pierre
Elizabeth Bowling, Canton
Gratia Brown, Valley City, ND
Rosemary C. Buchmann, Martin
Birgit Smith Burton
Susan W. Callahan, Rapid City
Sarah and Richard Carlson, Lead
Rod Carlson
Iva Carter, Rapid City
Linda Clement, Sioux Falls
Kay R. Coddington, Sioux Falls **
Caitlin Collier, Vermillion
Tami Comp, Winner
Ron and Rachel Conkling, Sioux Falls
Gypsy Cowbelle, Thermopolis, WY
Claudia Dail, Sioux Falls
Nate Dally
Sherry DeBoer, Chaska, MN
Ann and Tim Deckert, Rapid City
Scott Decksheimer
Margaret Denton, Brookings
Nancy Dickinson, Sioux Falls **
Lawrence Diggs, Roslyn
Marcia Donnan Mitchell, Hill City
Don and Mary Downs, Rapid City
Vance and Virginia Sneve, Rapid City
Robert Dunwoody, Ethan
Verna L. Edinger, Plankinton
Beverly Daniel English, Sioux Falls
Patrick Feeley
Ellen Fockler, Reno, NV
Laurel Foster, Aberdeen
David J. Fraher, Minneapolis, MN
Cathy Frederickson, Box Elder
Barry W. Furze, Sturgis
Bette Gerberding, Brookings
Carol Cook Geu, Vermillion
Chaya Gordon-Bland, Vermillion
Larry Green, Madison
Arline Hammer, Pierre
Jerry and Jackie Hanson, Sioux Falls
Rosemarie Hanssen, Sisseton
Melodi Hardaway, Mitchell
Steve and Monica Harding, Pierre
Paul Harens, Yankton
Crystal Harper, Aberdeen
Harry and Helen Harryman, Pierre
Andrea Harstad, Crooks
Rick Hauffe
Melissa M. Hauschild-Mork, Brookings
Donna Hazelwood, Madison
Connie Herring, Sioux Falls
Susan Hines, Rapid City
Roxanne Hinze, Aberdeen
Josh and Rose Ann Hofland, Sioux Falls
Dennis Hopfinger and Carolyn Clague, Brookings
Jon Hovland, Sioux Falls
Ken Hoyne
Rick and Patt Hustead, Wall
Larry & Hilea Hutchinson, Spearfish
Steve Jackson, Columbus, OH
Charles J. Johnson, Madison
Jill Johnson
Brian Jones, Miller
Randy Jones
Robert Joyce, Sioux Falls
Becky Kandyil, Duluth, GA **
Diane Kehrwald, Pierre
Paula Manley and Jim Knutson, Spearfish
Doriekay Koska, Watertown
Linda Kramer, Hill City
Marilyn Kratz, Yankton
Alan and Kari LaFave, Valley City, ND *
Darla Drew Lerdal, Rapid City
Beverly Letsche, Saint Lawrence
Harry Lynch
Mary Jo Marcy, Custer
Cindy Marohl, Sisseton
Lynn and Frank Mason, Hot Springs
Joseph and Norma McFadden, Houston, TX
Monica McGowan, Custer
Jim McKinney, Brookings
Nivisha Mehta
Sheri Meister
Kent and Zindie Meyers, Spearfish
Jay and Beverly Mickelson, Pierre
Patricia Miller, Fort Pierre
Jody and Jim Moritz, Faulkton
Rodney and Marla Mosiman, Onida
Mike and Kathi Mueller, Pierre
Russell Nash, Pierre
Dennis Navrat, Burbank
John Marius Nelson, Sioux Falls
Sandra Nelson, Pierre
John Nelson, Sioux Falls
Sandra Newman, Rapid City
Sonja Niles
Jeanette Noel Beemer, Pierre
Nancy Olive, Sioux Falls
Jami Olson, Spearfish
Phyllis Packard, Vermillion
Ann Parker Weckwerth, Watertown
Steve Payne
Estelle Reierson Pearson, Sisseton
Gail Perry, Chapel Hill, NC
William T. Peterson, Canton
Bea and Herschel Premack, Aberdeen
Sharon Prendergast, Sisseton
Will Prines
Susan K. Ripple, Rapid City
Tania Robinson, Grandview, MO **
Cristen J. Roghair, Okaton
Susan Wold Rohde, Sioux Falls
Larry Rohrer, Beresford
Monte & Fran Rougemont, Roslyn
Francie Ruebel-Albert, Sturgis
John Rychtarik, Brookings
Traci Samelson, Redfield
Greg Schmitz, Sioux Falls
Lea Ann Schramm, Yankton
Chuck and Bonny Schroyer, Pierre
Elizabeth Schutt, Watertown
Carol Schwarzenberg, Rapid City
Marica Shannon, Mitchell
Betty Sheldon, Aberdeen
Craig Sherman, Yankton
Lisa Shoemaker, Rapid City
Thomas Andrew Simmons, Sioux Falls
Susanne Skyrm, Vermillion
Jan Speirs, Hot Springs
Mark and Rose Speirs, Deadwood
Wyatt Stahl
Sue Stone
Linda Stuerman-Purrington, Brookings
Ann Taecker, Watertown
Scott Tarpley
Judith Thompson, Orange City, IA
Lori Tiatorio Thompson, Wrentham, MA
D’Anne Thompson, Box Elder
Cary Thrall, Lower Brule
Rose Marie Tornow, Sioux Falls
Carrie Vecchione, Saint Paul, MN
Nan Venhuizen, Sioux Falls
Terry Hall and Kristi Vensand-Hall, Tea
Debby Walker, Glenham
Dennis and Julie Walkins, Spearfish
Kaylyn Welch, Watertown
Cheryl Whetham and Jukka Huhtiniemi, Hill City
Gavin Wigg
Cheryl Wilder, Spearfish
Linda and Jon Wiley, Spearfish
Roberta Williams, Pierre
Ruth Williams, Wakonda
Norma and Jerry Wilson, Vermillion
Sharon and Marty Winckler, Harrold
Michael Winger, Pierre
Hunter Winklepleck, Sioux Falls
Milo Winter, Rapid City
Phyllis Wipf, Deadwood
Barbara Wood, Fort Pierre
Carol Wright, Sioux Falls
David Xenakis, Sioux Falls
Dee Yaroch
Terry Zerfas

$100 to $249

Sheila Agee, Brandon
Ariadne Albright, Vermillion
Susan Arnott, Wessington Springs
Steve and Nancy Babbitt, Rapid City
Nan Baker, Sioux Falls
Patrick and Jennifer Baker, Pierre
John Banasiak, Vermillion
Margaret Downie Banks, Vermillion
Angela Behrends, Madison
LeEtta Bennett, Salem
Dar Berkenpas & Boyd Bristow, Sioux Falls
Bill J. and Jane Bobzin, Yankton
Jim and Glenna Books, Rapid City
Greg Boris and Joan Reddy, Sioux Falls
Stacy Braun, Aberdeen
Ruth Brennan, Rapid City
Eileen Briggs, Eagle Butte
Bill and Cathleen Britton, Sioux Falls
John E. Brockelsby, Rapid City
Roger and Merlene Broer, Hill City
Martha Brost, Sioux Falls
Allen and Gloria Brown, Dell Rapids
Susan Burgard, Pierre
Dick and Ginger Carstensen, Sturgis
Bob Carter
Jim & Deann Clark, Sioux Falls
Diane Colborn, Berkeley, CA
Paul and Mary Ellen Connelly, Sioux Falls
Mike and Judy Connor, Sioux Falls
Janet B. Cronin, Gettysburg
Marty Davidsohn, Sioux Falls
Beth Deiter, Faulkton
DeVee and Kevin Dietz, Sturgis
Kara Dirkson, Sioux Falls
Darlene Dulitz, Webster
Doug and Justine Estes, Rapid City
Carla Fauske and Peter Lieberman, Sioux Falls
Van and Barbara Fishback, Brookings
Richard Fisher, Rapid City
Rod and Glenna Fouberg, Aberdeen
Trygve Fredrickson, Sioux Falls
Eugene Friedrichsen, Aberdeen
Jacquelyn & Peter Fuller, Lead
Rodney Garnett, Spearfish
Karen A. Gerdes, Fort Pierre
Kathie and Rudy Gerstner, Yankton
Christine Goldsmith, Mobridge
Michael and Marnie Gould, Rapid City
Jeff Hallem, Pierre
Phil and Kiki Hegg, Sioux Falls
Scott and Susan Heidepriem, Sioux Falls
Erik Heikes, Rapid City
Amy Hofer Vetch, Freeman
Anne Bodman and Andrew Hollander, Sturgis
Jim and Katie Hood, Spearfish
Craig Howe, Martin
Mildred K. Hugghins, Brookings
Katie Hunhoff, Yankton *
Kristen Jacobsen, Sioux Falls
Regina and Dale Jahr, Anthem, AZ
Terry and Sandi Jaspers, Sisseton
Corliss and Anne Johnson, Sioux Falls
James and Ardis Johnson, Brookings
Larry and Mary Jo Johnson, Pierre
Lynne Jones, Sioux Falls
Phil and Diana Kappen, Sioux Falls
Karen & Keith Kinder, Brookings
Joe and Shari Kosel, Lead
Merle and Virginia Larson, Yankton
Gerry Berger Law, Clear Lake
Mark Law, Clear Lake
Katrina Lehr-McKinney, Sioux Falls *
Christine Leichtnam, Rapid City
Dorothy Liegl, Pierre
Carolyn Lindekugel-Manlove, Custer
Marv Looby, Sioux Falls
Larry and Debera Lucas, Pickstown
Larry and Gail Lyngstad, Pierre
John R. McIntyre, Sioux Falls
Mark and Kristol McKie, Rapid City
Doug and Mary Miller, Brookings
Deborah Mitchell, Rapid City
Jack and Marilynn Mohlenhoff, Sioux Falls
Janice Nicolay, Sioux Falls
Hollis and Marilyn Nipe, Watertown
James and Marilyn Nyberg, Yankton
Dan and Dot O’Connor, Lead
Marcia and Marvin Olnes, Yankton
Rolf Olson & Anne E. Waltner, Parker
Karen Gundersen Olson, Rapid City
Jessie Park, Hartford
John & Mary Pennington, Sioux Falls
Scott and Maryanne Petersen, Sioux Falls
Ken and Lavonne Pickering, Pierre
Tamara Pier, Rapid City
Ellen Plocek, Spearfish
Larry & Barb Rehfeld, Sioux Falls
Andrew and Rosanne Reinartz, Sioux Falls
Roger and Mary Jo Renner, Yankton
David Reynolds, Brookings
Patrick Roseland, Rapid City
Randall & Teri Royer, Pierre
Terry and Mary Ryan, Madison
Kristi Saxlund, Sioux Falls
Daniel and Rebecca Schenk, Fort Pierre
Jeff and Katie Scherschligt, Sioux Falls
Lonnie Schumacher, Fort Pierre
Martha Schumacher, Alexandria, VA
Miles and Vickie Schumacher, Sioux Falls
Jacqueline Sly, Rapid City
Don Smith
Janet and Lloyd Sohl, Rapid City
Clayton and Anella Southwick, Rapid City
James W. Speirs, Rapid City
Gary and Nan Steinley, Spearfish
Mark Stemwedel, Brookings
Shelley Stingley, Sioux Falls *
Anna Marie Thatcher, Rapid City
Lesta and Mike Turchen, Hill City
Kate and Andy Vandel, Pierre
Dan VanDover, Aberdeen
Karyn Veenis, Sioux Falls
Lynn Verschoor, Brookings *
Jeffrey L. Viken, Rapid City
James Walker and Jerry Oligmmeller, Bath
Merritt and Pamela Warren, Brookings
Robert and Kathleen Webb, Aberdeen
Kristine Wollman, Pierre *
Ruth Youngers, Sioux Falls
Laura Zabel, Minneapolis, MN
Larry Zikmund, Sioux Falls
Mary and Mark Zimmerman, Deadwood
Sandy Zinter, Fort Pierre
Steve and Sandy Zinter, Fort Pierre

$250 to $499

Reuben Bareis, Rapid City
John and Anne Barlow, Rapid City
Bonnie and Tim Bjork, Rapid City
Dick and Sue Brown, Custer *
Charlotte Carver, New York, NY **
Mary and Kurt Cogswell, Brookings
William V. Fischer, Fort Pierre
Elizabeth Freer & Michael Headley, Spearfish
Lawrence and Suzanne Fuller, Sioux Falls
Bruce and Nancy Halverson, Sioux Falls
Brian Hildebrant and Laura Diddle, Brookings *
Dody and Boyd Hopkins, Sioux Falls
Dick and Cindy Koch, Sioux Falls
Dale Lamphere and Jane Murphy, Sturgis *
Ellen and Tom Lee, Pierre
Edith Lien, Spearfish
Patrick & Bobbi McGowan, Sioux Falls
Larry and Diane Ness, Yankton
Betsy Rice, Sioux Falls
Jim and Sandy Szana, Pierre
Norman and Kathleen West, Yankton
Ron and Glenda Woodburn, Pierre

$500 to $999 

Stanford and Lynda Adelstein, Rapid City
Brian and Kaija Bonde, Sioux Falls *
Janet Brown, Sioux Falls
Lynne and Bill Byrne, Sioux Falls
Kris and Steve Egger, Sioux Falls **
Dan and Arlene Kirby, Sioux Falls
Jim and Kara Mathis, Sioux Falls
Michael Pangburn, Pierre
Kenny and Linnea Putnam, Rapid City
John and Jane Rasmussen, Sisseton
Kay Reinartz, Sioux Falls
Priscilla and Fred Romkema, Spearfish
Jim and Jill Speirs, Sioux Falls
Jack and Linda Stengel, Sioux Falls
Steven Zellmer and Kitty Kinsman, Rapid City

$1000 to $1,249 

Deanna B. Lien, Rapid City

* denotes Arts South Dakota Board Member
** denotes donation in memory of Carl Grupp

individual donations listed are from July 1, 2018-present and is updated at the first of each month