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Arts & Economic Prosperity Study 6 (AEP6) provides economic impact data on the non-profit arts in South Dakota.

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The arts profoundly impact all South Dakotans! There’s an arts advocate in everyone who understands the importance of cultural connections and power of creativity in transforming our society. The first thing to know about advocating for the arts is that the place to start is right in your own neighborhood. We hope this interactive map will provide timely and significant information related to the arts in your county and across South Dakota.

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Arts South Dakota provides vital support to our state’s arts sector through communication initiatives, programming, and unified advocacy. Check out our 2022 Annual Report!

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In partnership with Lamar Advertising, Arts South Dakota sponsored this service for FREE to our community arts council member organizations where local billboards were available.

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Arts South Dakota, in collaboration with Media One Advertising and Marketing Agency, worked together to design an eye-catching and informative poster. The goal is to highlight various career paths that can stem from studying the arts, encouraging students to pursue their passions and consider careers they might not have initially considered.

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The state arts conference is held every two years at different locations across South Dakota. Workshops, panel discussions, plenary sessions focus on key areas such as racial equity, arts education, fundraising, local arts councils, grant-writing, marketing/social media, and more.

June 7-8, 2024
Sioux Falls

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Arts South Dakota, a non-partisan and non-profit service organization, advances the arts for South Dakotans and our visitors by connecting, advocating, and educating.