The ARTS SOUTH DAKOTA ARTIST EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND provides short-term financial support for individual artists, culture bearers, and creative workers within South Dakota who have been impacted by an emergency. Rapid response funds of $500 – $1,000 are available to those who meet the criteria and qualifications below, as funds are available. Funds do not need to be repaid. Please note: Artists may need to claim the contribution as income; please consult with your tax professional.

This emergency funding has no stipulation for usage, but is typically used for basic necessities such as housing, utilities, childcare, groceries, and medical costs including mental healthcare as well as replacing stolen or damaged supplies.

Due to limited funding, the relief fund will be open for seven weeks, after which eligible artists will be chosen based on lottery, prioritizing rural and native nations artists. Vetting of applicant eligibility will take place via a committee. If approved for funding, you will need to fill out and return a W-9, after which funds can be distributed via check. If you have concerns with access to banking, please note on your application and alternate payment methods can be discussed.

Funding for this round of the Arts South Dakota Artist Emergency Relief Fund is provided by a grant from the South Dakota Arts Council.

Questions?  Email Community Development Director Andrew Reinartz

Criteria / Eligibility
To be eligible for the Arts South Dakota Artist Emergency Relief Fund, you must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:
  1. Be an individual artist (not an organization), making an important portion of your income from arts activities / creative work (for example: performing, selling work, educating, etc) in any creative discipline. Proof of artistic work is required.
  2. Are a South Dakota resident
  3. Are NOT a minor (<18 years of age)
  4. Are NOT a full-time student (including college and post-secondary school)
  5. Are dealing with a catastrophic, career-threatening emergency such as:
    • Income loss from cancellations, closures, and postponements
    • Medical emergency for you or your family (physical or mental)
    • Theft
    • Natural disaster
  6. Special priority will be given to artists who:
    • Have not received funding from the Arts South Dakota Artist Emergency Relief Fund in the past
    • Citizens of one of the 9 Native Nations with lands in South Dakota
    • Rural Residents (communities of less than 20,000)
  • Applications open from 4/4/2023 until 5/23/2023
  • Application review from 5/23/2023 to 6/2/2023
  • All payments mailed by 6/9/2023
Applications closed