By Jim Speirs, Executive Director, Arts South Dakota

The 2024 issue of South Dakota Arts Journal just came out this month, mailed to thousands of South Dakotans who are members of Arts South Dakota or subscribers to South Dakota Magazine—and the enthusiasm for this annual arts publication continues to grow. Our first issue sold out in months, and the second issue, available at newsstands and bookstores right now, showcases the incredible variety of arts in our state.

One of the stories in the exciting second issue of South Dakota Arts Journal spotlights new ideas in western art, with a colorful array of work by state artists. Another reminds us of the local pride and summer fun of community bands and their legacy in Dakota towns. Young composers whose voices speak through their music are highlighted, as is the power of creativity to boost our well being. So many great stories, each giving us a slice of the unique cultural wellspring that is South Dakota.

South Dakota Arts Journal is sharing our arts stories with an incredibly large and diverse audience. About 160,000 people across the nation—a larger number than for any previous state arts publication—will read the issue. As a large, colorful magazine, Arts Journal gives us the chance to tell stories in depth and explore more topics of interest in each year’s issue of the magazine.

This vital source of arts information in South Dakota would not be possible without the support and participation of individuals, organizations and businesses throughout our state. The South Dakota Arts Journal is a collaboration between Arts South Dakota, South Dakota Magazine and the South Dakota Arts Council, along with sponsors and readers like you. You can find the publication for sale across South Dakota or directly from South Dakota Magazine. Please pick up a copy, or if you already have one, we hope you’ll share it with others—or get extra copies for your friends and relatives in other states. 

South Dakota Arts Journal gives us the opportunity to celebrate the passion of South Dakota artists and arts advocates and share the pride we all feel in our creative state. Please visit for more about South Dakota Arts Journal and ways to get your copy today!