Music Maker Mixer: Building Your Music Brand (Presented in collaboration with Levitt at the Falls)

PRESENTERS Shaun Johnson Andrea Ross Vaney Hariri DESCRIPTION Arts South Dakota is excited to partner with the Levitt at the Falls to help share their in-person Music Maker Mixer event to a statewide audience virtually! This session focuses on building your music brand. You can find the summary of the panelists and session below, and [...]

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The Watering Can Artist Speaker Series Collaboration: Social Media Tips, Trips, & Hints for Artists

PRESENTERS Jim Mathis – ADwërks, Certified Advertologist™ + Agency Principal DESCRIPTION Join Jim Mathis, of advertising firm ADwërks, to learn some tips, tricks, and hints to help artists make use of social media for promoting their work. Arts South Dakota is excited to partner with The Watering Can to share this in-person session [...]

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Taking Photos of Your Artwork 101

PRESENTERS Allyson Morgan - Prints & Repeat Fine Arts Printing DESCRIPTION Taking good quality photos of your artwork is a skill in and of itself. Great looking digital reproductions of your work are so important for your web and social media presence, online store, email newsletter, and to use for work samples for grants, [...]

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How & Why to Start an E-mailing List as an Artist

PRESENTER Jessie Rasche - Visual Artist SLIDE DECK DESCRIPTION If you have been thinking about setting up a mailing list, or you have one that’s clunky or disorganized, this is for you. You’ll learn what you need to know to set up a mailing list for your potential collectors and fans. Join Brookings [...]

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Equitable and Culturally Informed Calls For Art – Case Studies and Best Practices

PRESENTERS Dr. Craig Howe – Founder & Director, Center for American Indian Research & Native Studies (CAIRNS) | SLIDE DECK Kellen Boice – Executive Director, Sioux Falls Arts Council | SLIDE DECK Arts organizations and public art groups are continuing to push their programs to be more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, in an effort to [...]

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Virtual Presence Matters: How to Show Up as Your Best Self on Video

PRESENTER Patrick McGowan, Founder Punch’n, The Video Presence Company “What proposal are you making with your virtual presence? Presence has always mattered. First impressions are still incredibly important. Video events, video meetings, Zoom conferences… they’re not going away. Video presence is quickly becoming the new differentiator and Patrick McGowan, Founder of Punch’n, The Video Presence [...]

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Selling your work and services online: Artists, Performers and Educators

RESOURCE GUIDE Join a panel of South Dakota artists as they discuss their knowledge and experiences selling their art, music, performances, and educational services online. Each presenter will have some time to discuss what has worked best for them, discuss services and tactics to consider, and the group will assemble a joint resource guide to be shared with the [...]

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