Arts South Dakota is excited to partner with the Levitt at the Falls to help share their in-person Music Maker Mixer event to a statewide audience virtually! This session focuses on building your music brand. You can find the summary of the panelists and session below, and full information about the event can be found on the Levitt at the Falls website here.
Embark on a deep dive into music branding at the Levitt Music Maker Mixer March event. Join us for an insightful exploration into crafting a memorable brand for your music career with three expert panelists. Gain practical tips and personal anecdotes from hip-hop artist and entrepreneur Vaney Hariri, Emmy-winning Tonic Sol-fa artist Shaun Johnson, and acclaimed vocalist Andrea Ross. They’ll share their strategies for standing out in today’s competitive music industry. Learn how to leverage your unique talents, connect with your audience, and establish a lasting impact in the evolving landscape of music branding.