Community Creativity Conversations – Harmony South Dakota, developing community and life skills through music

PRESENTERS Dan Goeller, Founder & Executive Director Linda Beck – Harmony South Dakota Volunteer DESCRIPTION Harmony South Dakota is an after-school program designed to empower children and positively transform their lives through immersive music education and performance. Through the experience of making music in community, participants from underserved communities develop self-discipline, self-confidence, concentration, [...]

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Community Creativity Conversations – Sisseton Public Art Collaborations and Learning As You Go

PRESENTERS Sandi Jaspers - Sisseton Area Arts Council Jane Rasmussen - Sisseton Area Arts Council Inkpa Mani - Artist Nicholas Blaske - Executive Director Sisseton Area Chamber of Commerce, Artist SLIDE DECK In 2020-2021, the community of Sisseton embarked on a number of exciting public art projects. Starting with sculpture installations in two [...]

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Growing Season: Navigating new grant opportunities for SD arts and humanities organizations

PRESENTERS Dr. Ann Volin – South Dakota Humanities Council Hattie Seten – South Dakota Humanities Council Patrick Baker – South Dakota Arts Council Kathryn Vandel – South Dakota Arts Council SLIDE DECK Join staff from the SD Arts Council and SD Humanities Council for “Growing Season,” a webinar covering the ins and outs [...]

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Equitable and Culturally Informed Calls For Art – Case Studies and Best Practices

PRESENTERS Dr. Craig Howe – Founder & Director, Center for American Indian Research & Native Studies (CAIRNS) | SLIDE DECK Kellen Boice – Executive Director, Sioux Falls Arts Council | SLIDE DECK Arts organizations and public art groups are continuing to push their programs to be more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, in an effort to [...]

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Expand your reach. Engage your board.

PRESENTER Lori L. Jacobwith, Ignited Fundraising SLIDE DECK Does your board help with your fundraising? Should they? Maybe. Maybe not. While your board is among your most powerful assets some board members don’t want to be involved in fundraising or they view it as someone else’s job. The result is that many board [...]

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“Just Keep Going” Adapting to New Challenges: Case Studies from the Field

PRESENTERS Linda Anderson, Black Hills Playhouse Nancy Halverson, Levitt at the Falls Jennifer Teisinger, South Dakota Symphony Orchestra BHP SLIDE DECK SDSO SLIDE DECK The current pandemic has affected all of us immensely. Artists and Arts Organizations in particular have been hit hard, and are having to navigate a new and uncertain landscape, while [...]

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Applying for CARES funds from the South Dakota Arts Council

PRESENTERS South Dakota Arts Council Staff Members SLIDE DECK Arts South Dakota welcomes the South Dakota Arts Council for a session detailing the CARES Act grants from the state arts agency. Staff will join to discuss the opportunities and process, and help answer some of your questions related to the funding. If you cannot join [...]

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The Monsters I’ve Killed: Crisis Communications 101

Heather Hitterdal Message Map | .doc  Message Map | .pdf Each one of us is in a crisis today. It might be a positive COVID-19 test in your office building or family. It might be the closure of your business or the reality of laying off employees. It might be the daily conversation [...]

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