• Brian Bieber – Writer & Filmmaker
  • Jane Rasmussen – Director, Sisseton Arts Council
  • Jim Speirs – Executive Director, Arts South Dakota

Are you working on writing grants or want to learn more about the process? Did you know that your grant will likely be reviewed by a panel of non-staff, who may even be from out of state, and who only know your work from the application in front of them and not the staff of the agency or foundation?

Join a panel conversation between three artists and administrators who have served on grant review panels for organizations like the South Dakota Arts Council. National Endowment for the Arts, Nebraska Arts Council, and more. All three also have experience from the other side of the process, having written and submitted grants of their own.

Learn tips and best practices to help you communicate efficiently and efficiently so that your application tells the full story of your work and gives you tools to put your best foot forward.