Dr. Craig Howe – Founder & Director, Center for American Indian Research & Native Studies (CAIRNS) | SLIDE DECK
Kellen Boice – Executive Director, Sioux Falls Arts Council | SLIDE DECK

Arts organizations and public art groups are continuing to push their programs to be more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, in an effort to more fully impact and represent their communities. When creating and facilitating calls for art, we can often explicitly or implicitly reinforce dynamics that exclude the very groups we’re trying most to have dialogue with. This session will feature two case studies, including experiences, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices to follow in order to create more equitable and culturally informed calls for art. Join to hear more about Dr. Howe’s culturally rooted calls for art in the many Center for American Indian Research & Native Studies exhibits, as well as Boice’s experience facilitating public art projects through the Sioux Falls Arts Council.