Patrick McGowan, Founder Punch’n, The Video Presence Company

“What proposal are you making with your virtual presence? Presence has always mattered. First impressions are still incredibly important. Video events, video meetings, Zoom conferences… they’re not going away. Video presence is quickly becoming the new differentiator and Patrick McGowan, Founder of Punch’n, The Video Presence Company, will show us how to level up our virtual influence and presence as he walks two volunteers through the process for getting the most out of the technology they have as well as broadcast confidence, competence, and credibility on-camera. This will be a dynamic, interactive, and practical intensive where you will walk away with concrete next steps you can take to begin to maximize your virtual presence.”

Patrick McGowan is the Founder of Punch’n™, The Video Presence Company. He works with a variety of professionals – writers, consultants, and coaches – who want to punch up their video engagements & maximize their impact over video. With over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, & innovation – combined with a keen eye for what works & doesn’t work on camera – he shows people how leveling up their video presence can lead to increased engagement & connection with their clients, teams, & audience. After working with him, people report having more confidence, more engagement, more energy and more impact over video. Lastly, his first book, The Punch’n Approach™, is scheduled to be released mid-2021.