Calling all Artists!

We do a display of artwork every month at the Sturgis Public Library and we’d love to have some of you display your work with us.

Exhibits are usually a month long and you can choose a month that’s convenient for you.    We don’t charge you to display, and although we don’t pay you either, we do encourage you to put pricing info. on your work if it’s for sale.   The library has equipment to hang/display work.

Library personnel has changed this year, so we have a new coordinator at the library.   We urge you to contact her directly as she’ll be “in charge” of lining up artists for this program.   You can also message us here and we’ll pass your contact info on to the library.

Here is the contact info for our new library person.

Donia Sichler ~
Donia Sichler, MLIS
Assistant Library Director
Sturgis Public Library | (605) 347-2624