Lori L. Jacobwith, Ignited Fundraising


Does your board help with your fundraising? Should they? Maybe. Maybe not.

While your board is among your most powerful assets some board members don’t want to be involved in fundraising or they view it as someone else’s job. The result is that many board members do nothing or very little when it comes to fundraising. The outcome: You don’t reach your fundraising goals and sometimes staff becomes resentful that the board isn’t doing more to help.

Fundraising Culture Change Expert Lori L. Jacobwith understands that you and your board members require clear direction and guidance to work together effectively. This is a session about effortlessly creating an environment where your board supports your fundraising efforts. An environment where they feel rewarded for their service and they look for MORE ways to be involved. Join Lori to learn how your board can help increase your fundraising revenue by nearly 40% and NOT have to ask anyone for a contribution.