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Misdemeanor Dream is a celebration of Indigenous storytelling, bringing together a multigenerational ensemble of performers, installation artists and knowledge keepers from Native and First Nations communities across the U.S. and Canada. The production is woven with the stories and original languages of the ensemble — personal and community stories that are both contemporary and from the past. With projection and live performance, the audience meets spirits, tricksters, fairies, and little people who tell their stories of chaos and reclamation, adversity and hope: of “between-worlds” journeys from the spirit-world to the Earth, through the stars, the underworld, and up from the sea. In these transformations, there is an urgency for action – to dream and to reclaim languages, cultures and collective futures. Misdemeanor Dream introduces us to Spiderwoman’s “storyweaving” technique. Inter-woven across disciplines, the show blends traditional and contemporary narratives, movement, text, sound, installation art and projection.

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