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About the Artist
Duane Kjelden grew up in eastern South Dakota. His early years were spent on a farm which led to a love of nature. Later in life, he developed an interest in woodworking. Being self-taught, that interest developed into a more artistic form. His first artistic piece was created in 2012. Since retiring in 2017, his interest has manifested itself into a full-time passion for artistic woodworking, with a flair for relatable subjects.

A Note from the Artist:
“I have never found verbalizing my inner thoughts to be an easy process. However, in more recent years I have discovered I can express my inner thoughts through my artwork. Because of this, my show titled “Self Expression” was a perfect fit. The inspiration for many of my pieces will involve a word or phrase that I relate to on a personal level. As an example, my piece “Above and Beyond” reflects the strength it takes to burst through an obstacle and the ability to keep that momentum moving on an upward path.” -Duane Kjelden

This new exhibition of woodwork by Sioux Falls Artist Duane Kjelden opens Dec. 5, and runs through March 24, 2023.

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