Oakwood is the literary and arts annual of South Dakota State University, publishing the work of writers and artists of the Northern Great Plains region.

We define the Northern Great Plains region as those states that adjoin South Dakota (Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming). By “writers and artists of,” we mean people who (a) live in this region now, or (b) had a significant, long-term relationship with this region but now live elsewhere.

We only accept work that has not been published before (with the exception of occasional solicited work, especially from our archives).

We publish a handsome print edition each spring, and contents are subsequently published on the web and archived through SDSU’s library. Issues from 2013-2020 can be viewed at: http://issuu.com/sdsuoakwood. 

Submissions to Oakwood must adhere to the following requirements:

• One submission piece/attachment per email.

• Indicate your relationship with the Northern Great Plains region in your submission email.

• Title and genre (poetry, art, fiction, etc.) of submission must appear in subject line.

• Literary attachments must be in .doc or .docx format.

• Maximum length for literary submissions is 15 pages.

• Visual art attachments must be in .jpeg or .jpg format.

• Submission limits: five poems or artworks, 3000 words for prose.

If you were published in both the two most recent issues of Oakwood (2019 and 2020), please sit out this submission period and consider us again for the 2023 issue. If you were in only one of those, feel free to submit. 

Please send all submission materials to sdsu.oakwood@sdstate.edu. This address may also be used for queries.