Art has always played a central role in connecting people to their communities throughout human history. This project will facilitate conversations in communities around the state about how the arts are playing key roles in their lives on a daily basis. It will explore ways those communities might use art to communicate their experiences, thoughts, and feelings as well as tell their stories. It will engage the communities in searching for actionable ways to involve their community in arts as a bonding activity. It will point them toward resources to help them bring their ideas to life.

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How to Host a Program

Once you have decided which SDHC program you would like to host (and made arrangements with an SDHC scholar, if applicable):

  1. Submit an online application a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to the event date
  2. Pay the program application fee
  3. Promote the event
  4. Day of the event:
    • Distribute audience evaluations to attendees to complete and return
    • Thank SDHC and NEH for sponsoring the event
  5. Complete and return assigned paperwork according to instructions, including audience evaluations
  6. Return books to SDHC (if applicable)