CITYarts’ Young Minds Build Bridges program facilitates intercultural understanding and connection among young people of different home countries. Children across the globe share their visions of peace through the creation of art, forging positive relationships and strengthening a sense of global community.

“Pieces for Peace”

Through the “PIECES FOR PEACE” project, youth around the world participate in workshops where they create artwork in response to the question “WHAT DOES PEACE LOOK LIKE TO ME?”

They exchange visions of peace through our PeacePals programs. To date, CITYarts has received more than 11,000 ARTWORKS from over 1,500 SCHOOLS and community organizations in 116 COUNTRIES on 6 CONTINENTS.

“50 States of Peace”

Pieces for Peace, created under CITYarts’ Young Minds Build Bridges program, has connected youth from over 105 countries and 6 continents. While our international reach continues to grow, we aim to expand the CITYarts’ domestic network through our newest project, 50 States of Peace. With the help of community leaders and artists throughout the nation, we can amplify and share our youth’s visions of peace, and further instill in our society the significance of intercultural understanding and connection through the creation of art. Artworks from this program can be viewed through our 50 States of Peace Online Exhibition.