By Jim Speirs, Executive Director, Arts South Dakota

You may not think of yourself as an “arts” person, but if you stop to think about it, you are. From the clothes you wear to the wallpaper on your computer and phone, you consciously make creative decisions about the colors, decor and images you surround yourself with daily. Not only are the arts everywhere, they are critical aspects of your life.

Too often the cultural touchstones of our world are shuffled off into convenient pigeonholes. Many of us only think of artistic expression as those experiences we have strolling through museums or after buying a ticket to the latest touring Broadway show. Creativity, some believe, is the province of musicians, artists and dancers. The truth is, your home, your car and your office are all filled with art—the colors, textures and patterns of your day, of your life, are your personal creative touches.

Your everyday arts decisions are the things you do to make your life better, more colorful or add beauty to mundane activities. People who think of themselves as sports fans—rather than “art lovers”—should consider how much of the game day fun is the creative framework of the sport, from uniforms to stadium seating and from rally music to the exploding scoreboard. Design and creativity make the sporting experience come alive—the art of every football game and hockey match.

You are an “arts person” in your environments, your hobbies and your entertainment options. Your artistic style shows in the car you drive, the shoes you wear and the team flag you fly on your front lawn. Creative choices and cultural decisions shape our days and add beauty to our lives. You are the arts in South Dakota!

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