From Shari Kosel
Program & Communications Director
Arts South Dakota
605.252.5979 ext. 1

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Plans have begun for a new arts journal that will celebrate and promote the arts in South Dakota.

The annual publication is led by Arts South Dakota, in partnership with the South Dakota Arts Council, South Dakota Magazine and other groups. 

“One of the best kept secrets of our state is that we have an arts culture second to none,” says Jim Speirs, executive director of Arts South Dakota. “It is a culture rich with talent, diversity and promise. We intend this new journal to be a yearbook-like celebration and reflection of the amazing endeavors that are achieved here.”

Speirs says the new publication, to be titled South Dakota Arts Journal, is scheduled for completion in May. He said advertising and sponsorships are welcome. “The arts are already an important part of South Dakota’s economy,” he says. “But they can do even more, because we have unique and distinctive arts communities — thanks to the Native culture and our western and outdoor heritage. We must show and tell our story, and we believe this journal will do that in a way that hasn’t been done before. Our long term goal is to elevate the arts. That boosts our main streets and tourism, and it also educates, inspires and entertains us. The benefits are endless.”

Circulation of the journal will be to South Dakota Magazine’s readership of 160,000. It will also be available in bookstores, art galleries and other venues throughout 2023.

Photo caption:

A mockup of the new South Dakota Arts Journal features Madeleine Scott, founder of the South Dakota Ballet. She was photographed by a Dale Lamphere sculpture that rests along the shore of the Missouri River in Yankton.