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Learning Forum – The Mountain and The Moon

Don't miss this weekend's Learning Forum - it's two for the price of one! 2 p.m. - Photographer/author Paul Horsted will discuss a recent re-survey of the elevation of Black Elk/Harney Peak - the first time it's been measured since 1897. Through historic photographs, he’ll talk about the earliest documented ascents of the mountain in [...]

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3D Structures Workshop with Artist Dick Termes

Come learn about the importance of 3D structures in nature, architecture, biology and more through this hands-on workshop – you’ll leave seeing the world in a whole different way! Located in the Carver Classroom at the Washington Pavilion.

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A grassroots approach to arts advocacy

By Jim Speirs, Executive Director, Arts South Dakota There’s an arts advocate in everyone who understands the importance of cultural connections and power of creativity in transforming our society. The first thing to know about advocating for the arts is that the place to start is right in your own neighborhood.  Your enthusiasm for the [...]

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