South Dakota Community Foundation requests Proposals for ArtWork


Request for Artwork Proposals
Artwork for New Building to display/ represent achievements of SD Local Artist
(This is a request for interest only and not a contract for selling or purchasing artwork)

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These works will be displayed in the South Dakota Community Foundation public and office areas for the enjoyment of the citizens, Donors of South Dakota, and showing the support to our South Dakota Art Community.


• Artists currently residing in the State or whose primary residence during their careers has been South Dakota, whose body of work has contributed to the State’s cultural heritage and development, are eligible to submit proposals.

Description of works to be selected for purchase

• Works must be original. (Hand-pulled prints and fine art photography are deemed “original” and will be considered. Mechanical / digital reproductions are not regarded as original work and will NOT be considered.)
• Only work completed at the time of submission is eligible for purchase; work proposed for completion in the future will not be considered.
• Two-dimensional works as well as three-dimensional pieces that are wall- mounted or that can be displayed on pedestals or in alcoves will be considered.
• Two-dimensional works must be ready to be hung (framed, wrapped with finished edge, etc.) if appropriate, glazed and/or archivally matted.
• Selected artworks must be ready for installation, and all costs pertinent to the work’s proper installation should be reflected in the purchase price.

Selection Process

Submissions will be reviewed by a selection Interior Design committee to the South Dakota Community Foundation. The following selection criteria will be considered in this review:
• Quality of work
• Relevance to South Dakota culture, history, heritage, or environment
• Artistic résumé of the applicant submitting the proposal
• Permanence and safety, as required for public artworks
November 1st, 2020 Submissions must be received
November 20th , 2020 : Notification of received proposal and interest
January 10th, 2021: Delivery of artwork to South Dakota Community Foundation

Submission Procedure

Proposals from artists should include the following:
• Résumé that includes contact information, formal and informal education, exhibitions, inclusion in public and private collections, awards, and/or other information attesting to the artistic quality of the artist and an artist statement that addresses the relevance and significance of the proposed work as part of the permanent collection of the State of South Dakota
• Artistic Documentation
10 digital images of recent work. Some images must be offered for purchase. Supplemental images may be included to provide an overview of the artist’s work for the selection committee. No more than 10 total images may be submitted. (Photographs, slides or other forms of documentation are not acceptable and will not be viewed or considered by the selection committee.)

Digital images must be:
1. a JPG file.
2. high resolution digital images (no less than 300 dpi and no more than 600 dpi sized to approximately 5” x 7”). (Any image that is too large for manipulation to display in a PowerPoint presentation may not be accepted.)
3. formatted to open in the correct orientation (vertical or horizontal and right side up).
4. labeled with applicant’s last name, first name, and the image number; e.g., DoeJane1.jpg, DoeJane2.jpg, etc. (If you have detail images, keep them in sequence with the image of the complete work.)

Artists must also provide: A corresponding and consecutively numbered list containing the following information for each image:
1. Number of image (e.g. DoeJane1.jpg). (Images should be numbered consecutively, beginning with “1.”)
2. Title of work
3. Medium
4. Dimensions
5. Date of completion
6. Purchase price (or NFS). It will be assumed that the inclusion of a purchase price means that the work is available and proposed for sale. If the work is not available for purchase through the Art for State Buildings program, mark it NFS (not for sale) and do not include a price. Works proposed for sale should appear first on the list, followed by any works offered for supplementary documentation, and the
7. Any other information pertinent to the piece (optional). (If you have works that are complementary companion pieces, make note of that when preparing the artist statement as part of the application materials.)

To Submit Your Proposal

Applications will be accepted by mail or email. We will not accept applications submitted by fax.

Mail proposals to:

South Dakota Community Foundation
Interior Design Committee
1714 N Lincoln Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

For submission by mail: Digital images must be saved at the highest quality available on a PC formatted CD or flash drive.

Email proposals to:

Shelly Jund

For submission by email: All digital images must follow parameters defined under Artistic Documentation

Save a copy of all materials important to you as proposals and supplementary materials will NOT be returned.

Questions? Call or email:
South Dakota Community Foundation
Interior Design Committee

Thank you,
South Dakota Community Foundation