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A gallery show meant to engage the South Dakota arts community in civic innovation related to the topic of transportation.

Sioux Falls, S.D., November 13, 2020 – With funding support from the National Endowment for the Arts and South Dakota Community Foundation, the Sioux Falls Design Center (SFDC) is hosting Going Metro, a program series designed to facilitate creative conversations about transportation as the City of Sioux Falls seeks to innovate its transit system.

The Sioux Falls Design Center is seeking art proposals for the first program of Going Metro, called Go Art. This paid opportunity is open to all artists in South Dakota. The selected proposals will be part of a gallery show at the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center during the Summer of 2021, which will include an opening night lecture by Kate Chanba, a designer, cartographer, and cartoonist.

The Going Metro programs provide a unique opportunity for artists, community members, and the City of Sioux Falls to engage in conversations to better public transportation throughout the city. “Engaging the arts in civic topics provides fresh perspective to community challenges such as transportation,” stated SFDC President, Stacey McMahan.

Transportation is a complex system, which requires the thoughtful integration of many important factors, including signage, technology, mapping, and infrastructure. This complexity, is in part why the topic of transportation is such an inspirational artistic subject. While this program will take place chronologically with the City of Sioux Fall’s mass transiton-demand project, the proposals do not need to specifically address bus transportation.

Sioux Falls Design Center invites artists in South Dakota to submit a proposal for Go Art. The call is open until 11:59pm on January 1, 2021. Interested artists can access the call for art at

For more information on the Going Metro program, email, or visit