Job Description

The Artistic Director will be responsible for all aspects of operating the choir, including parent communication and all student matters. It includes office duties that directly relate to the day-to-day operations of the choir (ex. music, printing of the programs, etc.).

The Artistic Director works directly for and reports to the Board of Directors.


  • At the beginning of each monthly board meeting, the Artistic Director will update the board on all completed, current, and future business
  • Will meet no less than twice monthly with the Executive Director (telephonically is sufficient)
  • Recruiting volunteers to help with the operation of the choir and any outside events the choir participates in.
  • Work with the Board President to set and print the agendas
  • The Artistic Director works with the Board of Directors and Executive Director to develop and implement effective organizational policies as they relate to rehearsal procedures and singer management

Artistic Duties

  • Work to recruit and retain choir members
  • Set rehearsal and performance schedules
  • Select literature
  • Run all rehearsals and performances
  • Collaborate with the Choir Accompanist

Community Relations

  • Represent the choir to outside organizations, media, and business sponsors
  • Utilize volunteer committees through the Board to complete tasks
  • Communicate with families of choir students in a variety of media
Job Requirements

– Associates or bachelor’s degree in music or music education, music education or choral experience preferred
– Results oriented
– Superior interpersonal skills
– Exceptional writing skills
– Ability to interact effectively and efficiently with board, Executive Director, singers and their family members

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