The Sioux Falls Arts Council is pleased to announce our new Artist Micro Grants Program! Funded by a generous grant from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation this program will fund local artists to support their work.

WHO IS THIS PROGRAM FOR?  Artists from all disciplines living in or around Sioux Falls. 

WHAT AMOUNTS WILL BE AWARDED? There are two funding amounts $250 and $500 

WHAT CAN THE FUNDS BE USED FOR?  Purchase materials, take a class, work compensation so you can focus on your art, really whatever you may need it for. 

HOW DO I APPLY? Simply fill out the short for below and submit or you can send your information to in writing or video form to 

HOW OFTEN CAN I APPLY?  You only need to apply once.  If you are not selected for funding your application will stay in our system and automatically be submitted for the next round of funding.  Check the schedule below to see the full 2022 funding cycle. 



Open for applications                     Announcement                                 Checks Mailed

Jan 3 – 31                                             Feb 14                                                  Feb 21

Apr 4 – May 2                                    May 16                                                 May 23

 Jul 5 – Aug 2                                     Aug 16                                                  Aug 23

Oct 4 – Nov 1                                     Nov 15                                                  Nov 22

More info and to apply: