Rapid City, SD – The Rapid City Arts Council is thrilled to announce the launch of the 2023-2024 Teaching Artists Program (TAP). This transformative initiative aims to bring free visual arts lessons to Rapid City elementary schools. This program embodies RCAC’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in our community through the arts

How It Works: TAP supplements the educational experience of elementary school students by integrating visual arts into school curriculum. Here’s how it works:

  • Artists visit a classroom full of students to teach a one-hour session, once a week for six consecutive weeks.
  • Artists and teachers collaborate one-on-one to develop curriculum connections, student learning goals, and processes.
  • The Rapid City Arts Council carefully pairs artists with teachers, ensuring a seamless fit.
  • The program requires the approval of the school principal.
  • Each teaching artist undergoes training provided by the Rapid City Arts Council before entering a classroom.
  • RCAC offers the program free of charge thanks to philanthropic support.

Calling All Artists: If you or someone you know has a passion for art and wants to make a meaningful impact, TAP is the perfect opportunity! By joining TAP, you will:

  • Receive training and competitive compensation for your expertise
  • Share your knowledge and skills with young, eager minds.
  • Build lasting relationships within the community.
  • Be inspired by working with youth and local educators.

Artists, sign up by October 9 to be a part of this enriching experience!

Empowering Educators: Teachers benefit from TAP by opening their classrooms to artistic exploration. Here’s why you should consider signing up:

  • Art is a catalyst for learning, enhancing student engagement across subjects.
  • Arts education nurtures creativity and critical thinking, vital skills for future success.
  • It provides practical tools and problem-solving skills required for future careers as engineers, designers, architects, healthcare providers and scientists.
  • Offers additional resources for strengthening student understanding on various topics.
  • Strengthens ties between the school, educators, students, parents and local artists.

Teachers, sign up by October 20 to bring the power of art to your classroom! Join us in making a difference through art education with TAP!

TAP is a partnership established between Rapid City Area Public Schools and the Rapid City Arts Council in 2014, inspired by themes of transformation and shared values from Destination Rapid City’s Main Street SquareSculpture Project artist Masayuki Nagase.

For more information and to get involved, visit the Rapid City Arts Council website or contact education director Melissa Nelson.