SDRM–Ledger art exhibit permission SDRM–Ledger Art Criteria 2020-21

SPONSOR:  South Dakota State Railroad Museum Ltd. (; 605-574-9000) 

PO Box 1070, Hill City, SD 57745

ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS:  All accredited South Dakota schools with grades 4-8 and grades 9-12 or grades 4-8 or grades 9-12; all art teachers in accredited South Dakota schools

RAILROAD DISPATCH REPORT PAGES:  SDSRM will provide 2 pages for students per school; no more than 4 pages for students per school district upon special request; 1 page per teacher


  • Student art projects in Grades 4-8 and Grades 9-12
  • Art teacher


  • Art will be submitted to the SDSRM on the railroad dispatch report ledger pages.
  • Any media may be used, e.g. oil, water color, charcoal, collage, etc.
  • Grades 4-8 the subject must relate to railroads.
  • Grades 9-12 and art teacher the subject must relate to South Dakota history or culture.
  • A whole page may be used or the page may be separated into smaller pieces.
  • The art may be by an individual student or group of students or an individual art teacher.
  • The art teacher will determine how to organize the grade category art projects.  For example, the teacher may want a number of students to complete art work on paper and then select the art that will be completed on the ledger page.
  • Each school will determine how to select the art projects in each grade category that are submitted to the SDSRM for judging and possible exhibit.  For example, the art teacher(s) may decide or the school may select judges to determine


  • Notification sent by September 23, 2020 via email from SDSRM and by SD Art Educators Association to all art educators on its mailing list and available on SDSRM website home page
  • Application for participation sent via email to SDSRM by October 16, 2020 for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 school term; or by January 30 for Spring 2021 school term ( 
  • SDSRM selects up to 50 participating schools in category grades 4-8 and 50 in category 9-12 and notifies selected schools via email by October 16, 2020 
  • Schools may be selected to participate in one or both grade categories
  • Selection process will balance schools related to size and geographic distribution
  • Names of all participating schools will be on the SDSRM website.
  • Acknowledgements will be sent to all schools that apply.


  • Ledger pages mailed or delivered to schools upon selection to participate
  • Student art projects may be completed during both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 school terms 
  • Student art project entries submitted to SDSRM by April 5, 2021 along with permission form signed by each student’s parent to display and sell the art project
  • SDSRM notifies school representative via email when entry and permission received
  • Judging of student art completed by April 19, 2021; judge(s) will be selected by the SDSRM 
  • Art Exhibit opening in Hill City in May 2021 will include student entries from Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 school terms


  • Number of art projects in each student category selected for exhibit determined by judges
  • Number of art teacher projects for exhibit will be determined by the number of teachers submitting work
  • 1st ($100), 2nd ($75), 3rd ($50) prizes and ribbons in each category awarded to students; judges may choose to award honorable mention ($25); if a winning art project is by more than one student, the award funds are divided among them
  • Art may be backed and shrink wrapped for display
  • Exhibit will be at the South Dakota State Railroad Museum May through mid-October 2021.
  • Art for exhibit will be displayed on the SDSRM website
  • Student art for exhibit will be for sale with funds split 50% to the student artist(s) and they donate 50% to SDSRM to fund the next Ledger Art Project in 2021; if an art project is by more than one student, the 50% of the sale price is divided among them.  Students may specify that their work is not for sale.
  • Art teachers will specify if their work is for sale or not for sale; if for sale, the teacher specifies the sale price and funds will be split 50% to the art teacher and they donate 50% to SDSRM to fund the next Ledger Art Project in 2022.
  • Museum staff will consult with the judges and as possible with teachers to determine the sale prices for student art
  • Buyers may choose to take with them the art they purchased or leave the art through the end of the Exhibit.  Art left through the end of the Exhibit will be mailed to the buyer. 
  • If the school, teacher or student wants art that is not sold to be returned, they must pay postage.


SDRM–Ledger art exhibit permission