Public Art Gateway Project, Lake Oswego, OR, RFP

The City of Lake Oswego and the Arts Council of Lake Oswego are embarking upon an exciting and monumental public art sculpture project—a gateway sculpture—of a size and scale not seen before in this city.

We are thrilled to present this unique opportunity to local, regional, and national artists.

Lake Oswego’s public art program works to integrate art into the daily lives of local residents and visitors to the community by presenting works that resonate with people of diverse backgrounds.

This project will produce a public art work to define the Northeastern gateway (entrance) into Lake Oswego. This art work will be a marker of boundary as people cross from one place into another and shall invoke a sense of place and be associated with the identity of Lake Oswego. The Northeastern Gateway, identified in the 2016-2021 Public Art Master Plan, will enhance Lake Oswego’s commitment to nurturing a creative and vibrant community and will help build the City’s reputation as an arts destination.

I would greatly appreciate you sharing this RFP with your artists, networks and contacts who may be interested. The RFP is attached to this email and it can also be found on our website through this link:

Final_RFP_ACLO_City of LO

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