Across the region, people have thoughtful ideas about making their communities and organizations more inclusive and equitable. Change Network connects individuals who want to make a difference and prepares them to become strong leaders who will see that change through.

South Dakota Change Network is a year-long program that will help you build the techniques and networks you need to make the places you live and work more inclusive. Learning is accomplished through a combination of online courses, exchange activities and three in-person convenings. Through this challenging and supportive environment, you will enhance your self-awareness, leadership skills and abilities to implement systems change.

APR 1 – MAY 31, 2020: Applications accepted

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Applications to South Dakota Change Network are open through May 31.

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You see…

opportunities for your organization and community to become more diverse and inclusive.

You want…

to learn new skills and discuss ideas that will help you become a strong leader and affect real change in your community.

You’ll gain…

tailored advising from industry experts, receiving guidance on your project as you work to realize your goal.

You’ll join…

a network of change makers from South Dakota and Native Nation communities dedicated to assisting one another in their work.