Facilities Coordinator for ​​The Journey Museum & Learning Center and Dahl Arts Center

We are looking for our next Facilities Coordinator for ​​The Journey Museum & Learning Center and Dahl Arts Center

The Facilities Coordinator is the key leader and connector for successfully sustaining 2 non-profit facilities in our community. You will be splitting time between both the Journey Museum and Learning Center and the Dahl Arts Center. The ideal candidate will posses both effective verbal and written communication skills. A proven track record of facility management is requested. Or a minimum of 5 years of experience in the keys areas described in the job description itself. Other skills deemed essential are math, reading, and writing. The ability to manage process and attention to details such as file management as an example are a must for each non-profits operations. The Facilities Coordinator may possess additional skills that may assist in the overall productivity of the position. Please note any special skills or abilities that you may bring to the position that are not required but could be seen as beneficial for a candidate to possess. They are electrical, plumbing, woodworking, and or carpentry skills and production. This is a salaried and exempt position with a full-time benefits package that includes health insurance, paid vacation time, and an opportunity to invest in a IRA with a matching contributions. The annual salary will be determined based on the individuals level of experience.

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