Call to All North American Artists
USA Miniprints for Peace and Justice 2022

The 3rd annual SOS ART Challenge and Exhibit of Miniprints on Peace and Justice


1) Miniprints from any North American artist or artist living in the USA
2) Miniprints limited to
only traditional techniques of printmaking (digital prints not accepted)
2) Miniprints to relate to
themes of peace and justice
3) Artist to submit
up to 3 different miniprints
4) Unique size of miniprint:
image 6×6″, centered in paper 10×10″
5) Miniprint to have been
created within the past 5 years


1) Deadline for application: June 5, 2022

2) Each miniprint to be artist-signed and accompanied, written on its back, by its technical details:
Name of Artist:
Title of miniprint:
Printmaking technique:
Year of creation:

3) Each submission to be accompanied, submitted online, by artist’s and miniprint(s)’ information:
*Artist: address, e mail, telephone, short biography, etc.
*Miniprint: information relating to each print and its accompanying statement, etc.
This information is to be provided by completing the “USA Miniprints for Peace and Justice Application Form” obtained at (

4) Artist to send up to 3 numbered and signed prints of every different miniprint submitted; one to become part of the “USA Miniprints for Peace and Justice 2022” portfolio that will remain with SOS ART; the others (one or two for each different miniprint) to be offered for sale.

5) Miniprints to be sent loose (ie not matted or framed) in protective material, mailed to:
216 Erkenbrecher Ave,
Cincinnati, OH 45229

6) Miniprints to be received by SOS ART no later than June 12, 2022


1) The annual Miniprint Challenge and Exhibit is organized by SOS ART, a Cincinnati-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the arts as vehicles for peace and justice and for a better world (website:; e mail:

2) A selection of up to 50 miniprints received, chosen by SOS ART invited reviewers, will be exhibited at the yearly SOS ART exhibit and event for peace and justice to take place at the Art Academy of Cincinnati from June 24 until July 10, 2022 (If due to Covid the show cannot take place in person all miniprints will be exhibited online); also possibly later at different venues. Miniprints not exhibited will be available to view by the public during the exhibit.

3) SOS ART and its invited reviewers will select up to 5 favorite “Coup de Coeur” miniprints (taking into account content, originality, artistry, skills, etc.). The artist creator of each “Coup de Coeur” miniprint will be recognized with a cash gift of $200.

4) Miniprints available for sale will be each offered for the unique price of $50 ($35 to benefit the artist and $15 SOS ART). Miniprints not sold during the exhibit will not be returned and SOS ART will continue to offer them for sale in the future. Artists will retain copyrights to their artworks.

5) Images of all miniprints received will be included, with accompanying information, in a “USA Miniprints for Peace and Justice 2022” gallery folder posted on SOS ART’s website (