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Curated by Rina Yoon and John Schuerman

Do trees dream? In early evening trees speak to one another, it’s been shown, with a steady hum pulsing through below-ground fungal networks. You can hear them, the trees, whispering, crackling between the forest canopy and understory. It’s an alien language but communication nonetheless, as ancient as the stars. Trees are nature’s philosophers, and their dreams are as complicated as ours, if not more so.

In this exhibition, seven artists eavesdrop on dreaming forests, parsing the wisdom of trees from their dreams and wishes. They whisper in our ears and we listen—we listen quietly and carefully. What they find is not that trees are nature’s great loners but take part in an extensive symbiotic network of living things.

Artists whose works are on display:
Bob Erickson ■ Marjorie Fedyszyn ■ Kevin Giese ■ Carolyn G. Halliday ■ Mary Hood ■ John Schuerman ■ Rina Yoon

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