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Watercolor artist and teacher Glenda Drennen will be teaching a 3-day workshop at Yankton Area Arts during which she will inspire and guide participants to create their own paintings based on two of her own favorite methods.
Class members will benefit from class handouts, demonstrations, and individual help and suggestions from the instructor. We end the day with “Show and Tell” during which class members show their work in progress, share ideas and what they felt was challenging or exciting. “This is basically a friendly group critique, and my students love it!” says Drennen.
For one project, students will first paint a base of adjacent color blocks as a background. Once that is dry, they draw a composition of their choice and apply complementary colors to reveal an image.
Drennen will also guide students in a second technique she regards as her signature style of painting with transparent layered textures. We will first apply colorful washes to the paper, letting the pigments intermingle. While that is still wet, students will set texturing materials such as bubble pack, netting, and plastic wrap into the wet washes. Once that is dry it is very exciting to remove the texturing materials to reveal what has happened. And at this point students decide how to further develop the painting. The finished paintings usually have imagery, but allow the artist to take advantage of visual surprises and beautiful marks that are exciting.

Cost of the class is $150 + supplies (not provided by YAA). Members of YAA receive 10% off all classes.

For more information visit YanktonAreaArts.org