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​This upcoming exhibition of recent paintings by Jeremy Kendall depicts the artist’s translation of “presence, both in nature and inner-personally”. Jeremy’s process of painting is very instinctual. He meditates on a person or an event and then begins drawing and painting very intuitively, reflecting on the memory of that person or what took place. An idea that Jeremy is constantly returning to is that people are best depicted as processes, not as completed forms. “I think we are more like spirits that inhabit bodies as opposed to physical realities that are tangible and do things”.

Jeremy is a lifelong resident of South Dakota. He earned a photography degree from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming and since graduating in 1999, his art career has focused primarily on drawing and painting. Jeremy also happens to be a certified professional mental health counselor. Working as a therapist seems to have enhanced this very personal approach to Jeremy’s form of memory-based portraiture and landscapes.