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We invite you to enjoy “Sounds from Home,” an online music series sponsored by Spearfish United Methodist Church. Each week, musicians invite us into their homes to share music and stories.
This week’s “Sounds from Home” event features Spearfish flutist, Katrina Garnett. You may enjoy her excellent solo performance any time after 3 p.m. on Friday May 22nd by following this link.
We look forward to adding more “Sounds from Home” on our church website. Remember that you may continue to enjoy performances from previous weeks.

Scott Simpson – https://youtu.be/zF8IcpGXaGs
Colleen Henjum McKirdy and Emma McKirdy-Wilsey – https://youtu.be/UCQGxzI3h9U
Sophia Beatty – https://youtu.be/JFinC5gvRmg
Chris Davis – https://youtu.be/rFpVIoO9jtc
Lang Termes – https://youtu.be/g245T-TNXQM
Kevin Nakajima – https://youtu.be/w6pW_IvwOiw
Gordy Pratt – https://youtu.be/OkCebRQl7iQ