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Rod Bode
American Outsider Artist

OCT 15 – NOV 20, 2021
Solo Exhibit

Collection of Original Artworks

Public Reception Oct. 22, 2021 6pm.
Bode’s original paintings, sculptures, drawings and poetry will be featured in an upcoming exhibition of his work October 15 – November 20, 2021 at Gallery Six13 in Rapid City, SD.

Sometimes the public is privileged to witness “a first.” Rodney Bode is one of those firsts—a one-of-a-kind, legitimate “outsider artist” whose vast collection of original paintings, sculptures, drawings, and poetry has never before been seen. Well, except by a few neighbors who know him best, and there aren’t very many of those.

How does something like this happen, where an entire collection of works has never been publicly seen? Where an artist remains completely unknown—in this case, until late in life? Bode turned 80 in 2021.

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