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Ready for some holiday musical fun? You can take a fun peak at our recording session for this online celebration starting on SUNDAY December 20 at 12 PM CST (the concert video will stay online throughout the holiday season):

“Merry Christmas and Happy Harley Days” is a virtual Christmas concert given by Sioux Falls Chamber Music Collective (SFCMC) and
hosted at J&L Harley-Davidson in Sioux Falls to bring music to all corners in the community safely and digitally during the holiday season. The performance will be recorded at the store location of J&L Harley-Davidson, and the performance video will be released at 12 PM CST on December 20 of 2020 through SFCMC’s online channels and J&L Harley Davidson’s website and Facebook page. This recording production will be directed by USA Media TV.

The program mostly contains a string quartet made of established professional musicians both from out of town and from Sioux Falls. To add some spontaneity and interactive quality to the digital concert, all the comments and questions from any online audience member will be answered directly from the performers online through SFCMC’s YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram.

Sioux Falls Chamber Music Collective is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting exceptional quality professional musicians and artists to collaborate on projects that are educational, diverse, creative, and inclusive of a variety of cultural and musical influences. Its mission is to make music and art more accessible at all corners of the community, bridge art forms for more creative possibilities, and break the barrier between performers and audiences.

More event details:

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