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Martin Weinstein’s paintings are created on layers of transparent acrylic sheets. A single work is composed of several distinct views of the same location painted days, months, even years apart.

Martin Weinstein’s landscapes give us both the permission to delight in seeing the beauty of the natural world and the ability to see it more akin to how we actually experience it—as vibrant matter in flux, shifting in space and time, impermanent if not fleeting, but grounded and perennial. The paintings are imbued with the physics and feelings of time recollected, memory incarnate. Many paintings show views from Weinstein’s home, the home he grew up in and now shares with his wife and his brother’s family, a place invested with many decades of a family’s emotional relationship to time and place. The works are as much about human experience as they are about the beauty of the natural world. They resonate with the richness of memory and emotion invested in a natural setting, a beauty that extends beyond what the eyes can see.

Exhibition organized through Katharine T. Carter & Associates.

Image: “Trawden, Stormy Mornings” © Martin Weinstein 2016, acrylic on multiple acrylic sheets

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