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As part of a project related to Macedonian pikes, a group of volunteers and students will be trained to see how fast and easy it is to become an efficient phalanx, and what terrain limitations there may be. An external expert in medieval pikes, Dr. Lucian Staiano-Daniels, from New York City, will come to Brookings to assist SDSU students in the experimental history class for two days before this public event.  At this Saturday event in Larson Park, the students will help train the volunteers to participate.  There will be some lifting and marching, but those who are unable to fully participate can simply watch, comment and ask questions. All ages and genders are welcome to help bring ancient history alive!

Scholar:  Dr. Lucian Staiano-Daniels

Sponsored by:  SDSU – School of American and Global Studies

For more information, contact:  <graham.wrightson@sdstate.edu>

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