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Floating Worlds
An Ethereal Landscape of Weightless Trees
Artwork by Amy Fill

October 1, 2021 – March 20, 2022
Visual Arts Center | Everist Gallery

Trees are forever tied to the ground, with roots digging deep into the earth while branches stretch and reach for the sky. In Floating Worlds, Amy Fill takes what nature has made heavy and permanently tied to the terrain and created replicas of trunks and branches that suspend above the ground. The result is an ethereal fantasy world in the Washington Pavilion’s Everist Gallery, connecting visitors to nature while also challenging their relationship with it.

Each tree has personal symbolism for the artist, and many are slated to be removed. By using leaf bags and other compostable materials for the recreation of her trunks and branches, Fill creates something that preserves nature but will once again become part of it. The temporary exhibit is a onetime installation that will never by recreated in the same way again.

Artist Bio

Amy Fill is a visual artist living in rural Volin, South Dakota. Her work includes painting, sculpture, installation and collaborative accessible art experiences utilizing sculptural props and movement to explore our interconnectedness to the natural world. Amy is the Founder and Director of the Rural Cloud Museum and Director of the University of South Dakota Art Galleries. She’s also a member of the Community Build Association and Cloud Appreciation Society.

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