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Confluence is the junction of two rivers, or an act or process of merging. In South Dakota, many waterways join the Missouri River, which bisects the state into West River and East River. This web of waterways connects throughout South Dakota, extending into the surrounding regions, meeting other bodies of water—all flowing, merging, and connecting organically and infinitely.

As stewards of the state’s art treasures, the South Dakota Art Museum inspires creativity, connects people, and enriches lives through art. The museum has a rich collecting history, with more than 7,000 objects in collections acquired over the course of 53 years. The museum preserves artworks of aesthetic, cultural, and historical significance to South Dakotans, keeping them for the enjoyment and education of current and future generations. Important cornerstone collections include the largest collection of artworks by South Dakota-born illustrator Harvey Dunn, illustrations of American Indian stories by British-American artist Paul Goble, a comprehensive collection of designs by Marghab Linens, Ltd., and the Cockerline Collection, a survey of prints from the 1960s – 1980s. Although the collections focus on South Dakotan and regional art, Museum holdings also include works of American Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, and Minimalism. Further, the Museum houses significant historical and contemporary works by Očhéthi Šakówiŋ creatives.

This diverse selection from the Museum’s collections explores intersections between objects, artists, donors, places, and periods in time. Discover points where one or more artworks come together through aesthetic, cultural or historical bonds. Enjoy connections between works by artists of international recognition and celebrated artists from this region, for example Lee Krasner’s Embrace appears in conversation with Liz Heeren’s Cosmo Strato. Experience a convergence of illustration in the works of Harvey Dunn, Paul Goble, and SD Nelson. Encounter significant contributions of regional American Indian creatives in the works of Andrew Standing Soldier, Gary Bigbear, Pine Ridge Pottery, and more.

As you engage with “Confluence,” we invite you to cultivate connections with the artworks on display as well as with one another.

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