The arts make winter one of our liveliest seasons

//The arts make winter one of our liveliest seasons

The arts make winter one of our liveliest seasons

By Jim Speirs, Executive Director, Arts South Dakota

Winter in South Dakota can be an exciting time, with sports and activities getting us out of the house to enjoy life during the colder months. And no matter what the weather, the arts put on a great show during the winter, offering many ways to warm you up and enrich your life.

This is a big season for Artists In Schools & Communities residencies. Professional artists spend an extended period of time working with students, providing the kind of hands-on training that can mean so much to a young artist. These residency artists may also offer community workshops, performances or public displays of student works during the residency, giving community members a chance to enjoy the process and the creativity of local artists.

Winter is also an excellent time to enjoy theatrical performances in high schools and colleges and from touring groups and community theaters. You’ll find information about performances of all kinds at our Arts Calendar,, along with website addresses to learn more.

Another entertaining winter excursion is taking the family to a museum. You don’t have to travel far to see wonderful art exhibitions. From Rapid City to Sioux Falls and Aberdeen to Vermillion, there is an art museum near your home—with changing exhibits which present an incredible array of artistic styles and tastes. You will be amazed by the original art available in a museum close to you.

Perhaps the best way to cure cabin fever is to make art. If you play an instrument, now might be the time to remember how good it can feel to create music. Learn to paint, carve wood, or join a local choir. Take up a pen or laptop and start a journal—you may be creating a story that others would love to read. Winter is a perfect time to discover not only the art around us, but also the art within us. 

Whether you are an artist, arts advocate or want to learn more about the arts in South Dakota, visit

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