South Dakota arts make great gifts

Would you like to present holiday gifts this year that are wonderfully original, totally appreciated and perfectly unique? Give the work of South Dakota artists! You can choose from a multitude of gifts, specially selected for each name on your list. It’s easy to give the gift of South Dakota creativity. Choose a book by [...]

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A creative home for our veterans

Connecting South Dakota’s veterans to arts opportunities By South Dakota Lt. Governor Matt Michels South Dakota has always stepped forward in defense of our nation, with a high percentage of our population volunteering for all branches of military service. As a result, our state has a wealth of veterans, proud representatives of each generation that [...]

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One local voice can make magic happen

South Dakota is blessed with a variety of volunteer community arts groups, statewide arts institutions and strong partnerships for arts education and artists. As important as these organizations are, the real strength for the arts in every South Dakota community starts locally, and it starts with one voice. Will that voice be YOURS? In some [...]

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Back to school with a full head of STEAM

There’s an excitement in the air as students go back to school all across South Dakota. Today, in addition to the “Three Rs,” teachers and arts advocates focus on STEAM—science, technology, engineering, ARTS and mathematics. STEAM provides a pathway to teaching the connections among all curricular subjects and how they relate to everyday life. An [...]

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In South Dakota, the arts mean business

We frequently discuss the benefits of the arts in South Dakota with an emphasis on the cultural, educational and entertainment value of creative performances, contacts and experiences. But that’s only part of the equation. The simple fact is that the nonprofit arts and culture industry is a major contributor to South Dakota’s economy, based on [...]

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Hit South Dakota’s cultural hot spots this summer

When it comes to arts and crafts festivals, community cultural celebrations, musical weekends and summer theater, South Dakota really is the land of infinite variety. Our state has a full calendar of cultural events, many of them happening within an easy drive from where you live. Cultural tourism is a vital economic force for South [...]

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New York Times spotlights state’s vital arts scene

As we discuss the future of the National Endowment for the Arts and its impact on rural states like South Dakota, it’s encouraging that the New York Times sent Michael Cooper to our state to interview arts organization leaders and citizens to assess that impact. According to Cooper, “Mostly rural states like South Dakota could [...]

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The power of the arts: one South Dakotan’s story

As I think about the deep and lasting impact of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and South Dakota Arts Council in our state, friend and fellow musician Jami Lynn immediately comes to mind. I’ve worked with Jami on many occasions and she has often talked about her love of being a South [...]

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Key South Dakota arts programs rely on federal matching funds

When a third grader in Kadoka discovers she can write a poem, when a junior high assembly in Britton hears live jazz for the first time and when an entire community turns out to admire their new Main Street mural, we know the arts are alive in South Dakota. One reason those life-altering arts [...]

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Americans speak out about the arts

Recently Americans for the Arts conducted a public opinion poll which provides an in-depth look at perceptions and attitudes about the arts in our country. One of the most significant findings came in the question asking if people agree with the statement “Art institutions add value to our communities.” The survey showed 87% agree [...]

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