​Fueling the growth of the arts in South Dakota

During the past 50 years, South Dakota residents have been active partners with the South Dakota Arts Council in strengthening our state’s creative diversity through membership in the arts advocacy organization. Organized to fuel the growth of the arts through citizen participation, Arts South Dakota is giving YOU a voice in our cultural future. [...]

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​Giving thanks for South Dakota’s creative energy

As we celebrate 50 years of arts support in South Dakota, it’s important to realize that people from every walk of life are responsible for the vitality of our state’s creativity. From teachers to legislators, from community leaders to musicians, painters, dancers and actors, thousands have participated in the ever-expanding creative energy in South [...]

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‘Dignity’ rises as a symbol of unity and the power of art

On September 17, South Dakotans of all cultures from across the state gathered in Chamberlain with Governor Daugaard, sculptor Dale Lamphere and the family of Norm and Eunabel McKie to dedicate our state’s newest monumental sculpture, the 50 foot tall image of a Native American woman. Called Dignity by her creator, South Dakota Artist [...]

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Creativity is everywhere — and in each of us

When you think of “the arts,” what comes to mind? Maybe you think of museums or a symphony orchestra or a famous painting hanging in a big city gallery. Maybe you think of wildlife photography or a jazz concert or perhaps a Broadway musical. Here in South Dakota, I think of the two pieces [...]

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Arts South Dakota staff ready to work with you

One of the reasons the arts have been successful throughout South Dakota is that local volunteers have pitched in to keep our creative culture strong in individual communities. From civic organizations to community arts councils to school art programs, citizens of all ages help ensure that statewide programs for the arts have a hometown [...]

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Listening to a new voice for the arts — YOURS

After a year of organization, South Dakota has a new arts advocacy group with a new name and a commitment to being a megaphone for the voice of the people. Arts South Dakota is the new arts education, service and advocacy organization created to represent arts supporters, artists and arts groups all across our [...]

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